Asset Tracking

Gentrifi has solutions for tracking any type of asset. If an asset has significant value to your business we can help you track it, protect it, and manage it more efficiently.008_Stall_Shower351

Gentrifi’s can review your business needs and implement the correct solution to effectively track, manage, and protect your organization’s powered and non-powered assets. For non-powered assets we have devices that run on battery power and can be easily attached to your equipment.

Non-Powered Asset Tracking

Non-powered assets need to be tracked by a device that has reliable battery-life. If your asset is in the field and suddenly stops reporting your now “in the dark” your asset could be stolen or just simply lost. Gentrifi’s intelligent application can prevent this from occurring. 

Equipment Tracking

Below are a few pieces of equipment that Gentrifi’s intelligent asset tracking application can help you manage. Our solutions will track utilization, prevent theft, and manage you inventory of equipment:Generators (Large)

  • Aerial equipment
  • Generators
  • Air equipment
  • Compaction & paving equipment
  • Concrete & masonry equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Electrical tools & equipment
  • General equipment
  • Lawn & garden equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Pumping equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Trucks & trailers



This device is small in size, but large when it comes to battery capacity. Its a perfect fit for non-powered Trailers of all types. The device comes equipped with mounting brackets for east installation on-to the Asset. The rigid weatherproof case makes it ideal for outdoor conditions.

The GA800 is a small waterproof trailer tracking device. The GA800 comes with a super high capacity rechargeable Lithium battery. The unit can report begin/end motion which will alert your organization during a possible theft situation. The unit is wired to the vehicle this allows the unit to charge while the trailer is connected to the tractor.

The GA300 is a full featured advanced asset tracker with an extremely long battery life. The GA300 is also water resistant making it suitable for harsh environments. The GA300 is light but durable making it convenient when choosing where to mount the device on your asset, whether it be a interior or exterior.

If your organization does business in a remote location with no cell towers, the GA900 is for you. This GA900 is an industrial strength rugged trailer tracking device. Never miss a position, or equipment status report with the GA900.

The GA700B is a battery-powered trailer tracking solution. This solution can help your organization gain visibility over its trailers, and prevent future occurrences of theft.

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