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The 3G Network is Shutting Down

AT&T will be phasing out their 3G networks on February 22, 2022

The Omnitracs AMG-C 4G Hotspot

Keep your Existing 3G 
Omnitracs IVG

Connect to your AMG-C Device

Communicate with the 4G LTE Towers

With a simple 3-wire installation, keeping your 3G ELD compliant is easier than ever. Easily connect to to the AMG-C via the wifi from the IVG and you are good to go! For only $10 per month, per truck you can avoid any potential fines.

... AT&T continues to support our customers and is committed to offering you the most advanced wireless networks to ensure you are ready for whatever comes next. As you may be aware, that effort includes phasing out 3G wireless service.

We would like to respond to inquiries Omnitracs has raised on behalf of their customers with regards to both the date and turndown duration of the 3G network. Future network traffic growth will increasingly depend on our ability to offer innovative data services on AT&T’s wireless network that has sufficient spectrum and capacity. So, we plan to end service on our 3G wireless networks on February 22, 2022. This date is firm due to the complexity of this transition and the need to maintain service levels across AT&T’s wireless network. ...

How do I know if I have a 3G device?

If you are unsure whether you obtain a 3G ELD, tracker, or camera, contact Gentrifi. A Gentrifi representative will get back to you and setup an appointment. During the appointment, the representative will check your account to review your devices.

Who is shutting down the 3G network?

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