Benefits Of Asset Management – How Can You Improve?

Why Should You Track And Monitor Your Assets And Resources?

By monitoring your asset and resources with Gentrifi’s intelligent asset management and mapping application your business will be more efficient, keep resources and assets safe and secure, and have real-time GPS location information. Gentrifi’s intelligent management and mapping application provides an easy to use interface with the following benefits:

Asset Tracking and Resource Monitoring
  • Improve customer service
  • Protect your assets and resources
  • Improve asset and resource utilization
  • Monitor job stops and time spent at each job
  • Simplify and improve accuracy of customer billing
  • Reduce fuel consumption with idle time monitoring
  • Know where your assets and resources are at all times
  • Improve driver behavior by monitoring speeding, harsh breaking, excessive acceleration, erratic lane departure and vehicle roll
reducefuelexpenses reducefuelconsumption
increaseproductivity improveservicedelivery

Increase Revenue And Reduce Business Expenses With Asset Management.

By monitoring the utilization of your assets and their performance with Gentrifi’s real-time-alerts and reporting tools, your business will take important steps towards increasing revenue and reducing expenses. Gentrifi’s intelligent asset management and mapping application tools enable operational results and ROI metrics that can be measured within a very short time period.  With continuous improvement of your business operations using reports and key metrics provided by Gentrifi’s intelligent cloud application, customer satisfaction will quickly improve and profits will grow. This is especially important to your bottom line when you are focusing on maximizing your ROI and keeping your business afloat and functioning properly. Most importantly reaching out to one of our professional sales associates can provide you with the information necessary to make a smart and calculated business decision. We can walk you through all of the critical information that can make a major difference in how your business performs. Afterall you are only as good as the equipment you own and keep track of. 

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