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Track Your Fleet with One of These Amazing Tracking Systems

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Navigating a fleet of vehicles through complex logistics can feel like solving a puzzle. Picture a scenario where efficiency is crucial, and that’s where tracking systems play a vital role. This article explores how these systems act as reliable guides in overcoming fleet management challenges. The choice of the right tracking system is key—it can […]

What is Fleet Management? An Overview by Gentrifi GPS

Running an efficient and successful fleet is a huge task with lots of responsibilities. To ensure fleets are running with maximum efficiency, Fleet and Safety Managers identify weak operational processes and understand that they can mitigate these pain points by implementing advanced fleet management systems. Companies with medium to large-sized fleets feel pressure from competitors […]

Which Hours Of Service (HOS) application and ELD system should you choose?

Account Set Up and Installation

An automated Hours of Service (HOS) and EOBR system will reduce your fleet paperwork and wasted time. The Federal Motor Carrier safety association (FMCSA) is paying close attention to the hours drivers are operating vehicles on the road. This means that an Hours of Service (HOS) system is now necessary to stay competitive in the transportation […]