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Real-Time Video & Telematics At Your Fingertips  

Our Cloud Cameras are equipped with advanced technology that provides Live HD Video, Critical Event Reports, Real-TIme GPS Tracking & More. Select your custom configuration of cameras for both the 2-Channel & 4-Channel cameras and start getting full insight into your vehicles 24/7.

2-Channel Cloud Camera

Live HD Video 

Critical Event Reports

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Forward-Facing Camera

Optional Driver-Facing Camera

Select Up To 4 Cameras!

4-Channel Cloud Camera

LCD Monitor

Live HD Video 

Rear-View Camera 

Critical Event Reports

Side-Facing Camera

Driver-Facing Camera

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Forward-Facing Camera

View Your Vehicles On Our Web Portal & Your Mobile Devices

Live Video

Log into the Gentrifi platform and view live footage of your vehicles. If you choose to configure the 2-Channel or 4-Channel Cloud cameras with more cameras, you will also be able to see all the camera feed here. 

Critical Event Footage 

When a critical event such as shock, sharp turns, harsh braking, speeding, severe shock, and ignition on/off occurs, you will receive a notification and can review all cameras here. 

Live GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles in real-time with our platform. Through the map view, click on pin points, and the exact location and status of your vehicle and drivers will appear. 

Pricing As Follows:

2-Channel Camera

4-Channel Camera

Forward-Facing Camera Only: 

$33/Month For 60 Months

$36/Month For 36 Months 

Forward Facing & Two Add Ons:

$45/Month For 60 Months

$52/Month For 36 Months 

*Minimum Purchase of 3 Cameras

Forward & Driver-Facing Camera:

$35/Month For 60 Months

$38/Month For 36 Months 

*Minimum Purchase of 4 Cameras

Reduce Costs

  • There was an 86% decrease in accident-related costs when dash cams with driver feedback were being used (Journal of Safety Research)
  • Some insurance companies actually will lower premiums for fleets using dash cameras. 

Record of Incidents 

  • Dash cams capture every piece of evidence during an incident removing uncertainty completely. 
  • Both 2-Channel & 4-Channel Cloud Cameras feature live recordings & footage is stored in the cloud 24/7. 

Improve Driver Function 

  • There was a 60% decrease in collision frequencies when dash cams were used (HHS, 2017). 
  • When drivers know there are cameras on the vehicle they are more likely to exercise extra caution when driving. 

Eliminate False Claims 

  • Trucks are overwhelmingly found responsible for car-truck crashes even when statistics show it is usually passenger vehicles fault. With dash cams. there is no room for conflicting reports.
  • The average cost of a non-fatal crash is $195,258 (FMCSA), which can be avoided if cameras are in place. 

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