Omnitracs Critical Event Reporting (CER)

Critical Event Reporting

Are you currently looking for a solution that will help you to prevent accidents in your fleet before they happen? We have the solution with Critical Event Reporting (CER). Our powerful Critical Event Reporting software create an extremely valuable package that can help to mitigate or eliminate risk within your fleet. We have years of experience in the trucking industry, helping to guide clients towards the goal of maintaining their fleet and reducing liabilities.

Data generated by events can help your organization reduce insurance costs, record safety-related driver behavior events, and mitigate legal liabilities. Critical Event Reporting (CER) monitors vehicles for critical, and safety- related incidents to help improve driver behavior, optimize fleet operations, and prevent accidents before they occur.

BenefitsCritical Event Reporting

CER allows fleet managers to monitor the behavior, and safety of their drivers in near-real time. Stop accidents before they occur with the alerts and real-time fact based data CER provides to your organization. Using CER will give your organization good data to review with the Reporting and Metrics tool. Reporting and Metrics makes it easy for your organization to review the critical events in an easy to understand graphical display.

This information can also be coupled with the Critical Event Video (CEV) and used to record real time footage.

Here is what Critical Event Reporting Can Do For Your Fleet:

• 24/7 monitoring of your fleet, including but not limited to, erratic driving, erratic lane departure, heavy braking, collisions, and overspeeding.

•  Reports and Transmits real-time alerts to your staff whenever a critical event is recorded

• Reports near real time reports with timelines available up to 5 minutes before a critical event, and up to 2 minutes after that event is triggered

• Reports on specifically what truck and driver were at the scene of the critical event in question

• Reports roll stability information, parking brake information, speeding, critical braking and more

• Delivers maps in both satellite and hybrid options with the location of that critical event

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Learn how swift transportation uses Critical Event Reporting (CER) to help optimize their business processes, and use safety related data to make forward progressions within the organization.


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