Customer Quotes

Mark Borden from L&M Fire Systems LLC

“Thank you for your help recovering that stolen truck this afternoon.  I never would have thought that I’d of had to use the GPS for a situation like that,  but thank God it was there.  I never would have recovered the vehicle without the products y’all sold me and specifically,  you spending the time to track the vehicle down. Thank you so so much.Moving forward,  I will be a walking testimony of the greatness of products offered by Gentrifi and the exceptional customer service that is second to none. Thank you again.”

Tina L Andrews from Andrews Trucking Inc.

“I just want to say Thank You. You are excellent at your job. You were patient with me, always available to answer my many questions. I want you to know you are the main reason we went with Omnitracs. We could have went with a different company which was $300.00 less on the devices. You were always available either via phone or email. Didn’t mind answering my questions even I asked them more than once? You are very knowledgeable about the product. Robert even when your part was completed you were still there for me. I just wanted to let you know what a Job you did, so many times these days all we hear is the negative. I wanted you to hear the praise.”

Michael Ross from Ebenezer Transportation LLC

“I want to thank everyone at Gentrifi for working with our company and finding the best solution for the ELD mandate! WE were ‘under the gun’ after contacting your team. They worked quickly and efficiently to address our concerns and and effectively gave us the solution and great a great product!”

Amanda Garcia from Sky Haulers LLC

“I started working for Sky Haulers in December of 2016 and was very new to the trucking industry, so it was important to me to have user-friendly devices. I found Omnitracs to be a great system that makes our day to day operations run smoother. I don’t have to bother drivers to see where they are when I need an update. I can use the Fleet Mapping feature in the Analytics Manager to geo-map our drivers. Omnitracs has a wonderful ELD system. It makes my IFTA filing a breeze! I can be confident that all miles driven by our fleet are recorded and accurate for each state. When we needed new ELS stickers for our trucks, I had one on one guidance over the phone with Mary to find where to order online. Gentrifi GPS shipped my order very quickly and provided excellent customer service. They were very friendly and helpful! I would recommend them to anyone who needs ELD’s.”