Transportation Systems Management (TSM) and Dispatch

Dispatch Is Now The Desired Job In The Work Place

With the new Elog mandate, Omnitracs has been hard at work making a user friendly device that can help drivers across the U.S. With new text to speech functions and easy reroute directions from dispatch you can now easily tell your fleet what to do from the office.
Bring Order To Your Work OrdersDispatch
Say goodbye to triplicate work orders that are out of date or lost in the back of a truck. With Gentrifi GPS, work details will not get lost or forgotten.
Provide Driving Directions
Fieldworkers can get driving directions on their Garmin from any job address.
Your Direct Line To The Field
From the office to the job site or the job site to the office, stay in touch with text messaging.
Hang Up The Phone
No more calling your field workers to update job details and hoping they remember to change the information on the work order.


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