Using ELogs not only greatly increases the efficiency of your your business operations but also ensures that you are compliant with e-logs_Logo_bigthe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations.  Utilizing ELogs will also reduce Department of Transportation (DOT) violations and their high cost.  With ELogs the amount of paperwork your organization has to mange will also  decrease.significantly  ELogs combined with In-Cab driver training provided by a system like the Omnitracs MCP50 also reduces training costs and increases driver retention.  See this document for more information — Where Are All the Drivers?.  Additional MCP Platform benefits: Advanced Systems like the MCP Platform provide media options that allow your drivers to stay connected with  dispatchers and back office administrators.  Additionally, safety is of prime concern for the transportation industry and Gentrifi’s customers.  With the Omnitracs MCP50 in your fleet of vehicles, additional features like harsh braking detection, incorrect tire pressure, and excessive driving hours will be monitored to improve the safety of you you fleet and drivers.  For an Omnitracs MCP50 Quote click HERE.

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