Electronic Vehicle Recorder (In-Cab Camera)

Numerous Benefits Of An In-Cab Camera

Gentrifi GPS has taken notice of the staggering statistics given by the study from FMCSA, link in the description below, and has decided to provide an In-cab Camera, Electronic Video Recorder (EVR), vehicle camera solution. With an EVR vehicle camera installed in your fleet your business will benefit in the following areas:
Cab Camera

Liability Coverage
  1. Crucial and comprehensive evidence for damages and claims
  2. Driver exoneration
Risk Management/Loss Prevention
  1. Decrease risky driving behaviors
  2. 24/7 parking surveillance system for break-ins and thefts
Driver Passenger Safety
  1. Continuous surveillance
  2. Monitor behaviors in and around vehicles
Driver Behaving Coaching
  1. Manager and driver review of event triggered files
  2. Real-time audible coaching chimes


Vehicle SurveillancePlenty of Storage for Critical Event Recording

The Electronic Vehicle Recorder (EVR) has plenty of video storage with 64GB and keeps 30% free to record critical events.  This allows for all other data to record and overwrite if no critical events have occurred. In other words, if a critical event occurs you are guaranteed storage capacity to capture it.

FMCSA – Event Vehicle Recorder Camera Study:Cab Camera

The main goal of an Event Vehicle Recorder (EVR) is to prevent and reduce accidents, prevent fines, and avoid legal expenses.

With an EVR system you are also protected from fault for an accident that is not yours, and “he said, she said” false claims potentially costing your company millions of dollars in legal fees.

Not only could you use this for legality reasons but monitoring your driver’s as well. This can help make sure your drivers aren’t distracted and have their clear, undivided attention on the road. If there is any hint of being too tired to drive or distractions dispatch can radio them to take a break and continue once well rested.

Click HERE to see the overview of the MDR-5000 Series EVR and the case studies done by the FMCSA.


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