Powerful Fleet Dash Cameras

Cloud-Based Cameras

Gentrifi's Cloud Critical Event Video Dash Camera
Cloud-Based CEV Camera

Cloud Memory Storage

Critical Event Reporting

GPS Tracking Capabilities

Omnitracs Critical Event Video Camera
Omnitracs CEV Camera

Cloud Memory Storage

Critical Event Reporting

Integrates with Omnitracs Products

Dash Cameras

Non-Cloud Cameras

Gentrifi's MDR Dash Camera
MDR Dash Camera

Dual Cameras

No Monthly Service Fees

SD Card Memory Storage

Gentrifi's N2 Dash Cameras
N2 Dash Camera

Road and Rear Facing Cameras

No Monthly Service Fees

Night Vision

G-Black Advanced Dash Camera
G-Black Dash Camera

LCD Screen

Road Facing Camera

No Monthly Service Fees

Boost Your Fleet with Telematics

Take your fleet to the next level with increased visibility into fleet performance and driver behavior. Gentrifi’s advanced dash cameras allow you to use GPS tracking to fully understand your fleet operations.

Gentrifi GPS Tracking, ELD, and Dash Camera Solutions
Vehicle tracking on Gentrifi's Tracking Application

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Gentrifi’s tracking solution enables you to view the location and status of your vehicles.

We give you the power to manage your fleet easily with intuitive Google Maps software. Enhance your fleet management and secure your vehicles.

Have Evidence at Your Fingertips

Maximize your protection in all accidents and incidents with video recordings. You will be able to prove your driver is innocent at the click of a button. With access to footage, you can quicken settlements and save money.

Protect Your Company From

Exaggerated Claims

Staged Accidents

Conflicting Reports