SmartDrive Camera

SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Camera

Promote safety within your fleet with the Video-Based Safety Camera. This powerful safety program captures risky driving behavior with critical event cameras and machine learning technology. Powerful metrics and dashboards empower you to have meaningful and productive coaching sessions.

This powerful and intuitive solution is more than just a dash cam.

SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Camera
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Efficient Coaching Workflow

A simple three step process empowers fleet managers to have effective coaching sessions.

Powerful Dashboards & Data

Analyze how your sites and drivers are performing with detailed charts on trends and behavior.

Increase Overall Fleet Safety

The Video-Based Safety Camera is a proven solution to boost driver safety.

FedEx Ground Approved

Improve Driver Performance

After one year of use, surveyed fleets found risky driving behaviors, such as the ones below, reduced dramatically.

See How This Will Work For You

Administrator Benefits

The Video-Based Safety Camera makes it easier for you to improve your fleet’s CSA score while improving driver safety.

Driver Benefits

Feel safer on the road with real-time hazard alerts, easy tablet training, and manual video recording for exoneration.

Key Features

View Driver Trends

Simply analyze and view performance results with dash boards. See how individual drivers and locations are performing.

Driver Receives Alerts

An in-cab driver assistance device alerts drivers visually of hazards – forward collision, lane departure, short following, and speeding alert signals.

Easily Coach Drivers

With an efficient driver coaching workflow, fleet managers can assign drivers who need to coached. Managers can easily view when drivers were coached on the driver trend graphs.

Analyzed Triggered Event Review

A designated team reviews all triggered event video to verify the event is risky. Once the video is verified, fleet managers will receive a notification with the video.

Access Vehicle Location

With built-in GPS tracking, fleet managers can simply access the location of their vehicles.

Fully Integrates with Omnitracs Products

The Video-Based Safety Camera effortlessly integrates with other Omnitracs products. Managers can access all their information from Omnitracs portal(s).

Is this different than a Dash Camera?

Yes, this video-based safety solution is different than a Dash Camera and Critical Event Video Camera.

This safety camera provides coaching workflows, driver trends and skills, driving performance score system, and much more. SmartDrive leverages high-quality dash cameras, Advanced Driver Assistance System, and a powerful performance ranking system to boost fleet’s safety and operations.

SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Solution camera views

See How This Will Work For You

Administrator Benefits

The Video-Based Safety Camera makes it easier for you to improve your fleet’s CSA score while improving driver safety. 

Driver Benefits

Feel safer on the road with real-time hazard alerts, easy tablet training, and manual recording of video for exoneration.

“The great thing about SmartDrive is how it really makes our drivers understand what they’re doing behind the wheel. The video helps them visualize it, process it and change what they are doing so ultimately they can be safer behind the wheel. Now they can make better driving decisions. It’s been a magnificent tool so they don’t get themselves in a bad situation and injure themselves or the people that ride on our buses.”

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See Some of Our Biggest Customers

Loomis Logo
Industry – Cash Management

“When we started using SmartDrive, what we immediately saw was significant seatbelt non-usage. After six months, we’d reduced that behavior by 68%. If we can change that behavior, which is a challenging one, we believe we can change any behavior.”
Randy Sheltra,  Executive Vice President

Knight Transportation

Industry – Trucking

“We evaluated different systems, but SmartDrive was superior. There was a significant difference in terms of collisions captured, the overall visibility to risk and the ability to access additional video context on-demand—this combination compelled us to select SmartDrive.”

Averitt Express Logo

Industry – Commercial Fleet

“Averitt is now able to capture and analyze nearly every accident, which has had measurable impact on driver satisfaction, litigation costs and safety. We’ve been extremely pleased with drivers’ reaction. Once they clearly understood the SmartDrive system can prove they did the right thing – and protects their records and livelihood – they embraced the technology. In fact, we now tout SmartDrive as part of our recruiting effort.”

Golden State Foods

Industry – Private Fleet

“SmartDrive is a tool that can help make good drivers great, and great drivers even better. … If something happens out there, [it] can help exonerate them from guilt.”

O&G Industries Logo

Industry – Construction and Ready Mix

“The SmartDrive program made an immediate impact on our fleet safety—identifying risky driving while also highlighting the many positive examples of our professional drivers avoiding dangerous, distracted or aggressive motorists. The ability to integrate to our back-up cameras extended our technology investment, making the decision to completely roll-out a no-brainer.”

Cypress Truck Lines

Industry – Commercial Trucking

“The SmartDrive analytics team has been there with us every step of the way, providing actionable data on what skills our drivers need to improve to be safer and prevent collisions before they occur.”