GPS Tracking: Features And Benefits For Companies

GPS Tracking Features

When you need to know where your mobile assets are GPS tracking is the first thing that comes to your mind. Here at GentrifI GPS our solution is part of the leading technology in tracking. Here are some of the features we can bring to you:

  • View vehicle location report data.
  • Bread crumb trails.
  • Monitor daily operations.
  • Analyze planned versus actual routes.

GPS Tracking Screen Shots


Managing Driver Accountability

Does your organization have a need to monitor driving behavior, and non-job related activity?

Transportation Costs

Managing a fleet is costly and time consuming whether you use trucks, vans, or a little of both. Is your organization having a difficult time managing the fleets fuel usage, repairs, insurance costs, and under-utilized assets?

Meeting Customer Expectations

Without real-time visibility into asset tracking, managing customer expectations is challenging.

Driver Management Made Easy

Managing drivers is a tough job — but it can be a lot easier with the right technology:

  • If drivers are using vehicles outside of work hours, you’ll know it with automated alerts and easy-to-use reports.
  • ‘Off-route violations’ will show when a driver has driven off the planned route.
  • Your driver says he arrived in the early afternoon, but the customer says it was in the evening. Who do you believe? With GPS monitoring, you’ll know the truth.

Driver Scorecards

Driver scorecards allow your organizations to incentivise drivers based on the following metrics:

  • Driving Behavior.
  • Vehicle Idle Time.
  • Monitor Daily Operations.
  • Planned vs Actual Route Performance.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Monitoring speeding and idling can help reduce fuel costs and increase your profit margins.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Insurance companies are giving discounts to fleets that are implementing GPS tracking solutions, due to the proven impact on driver safety and theft reduction.

Prevent Vehicle Breakdowns and Be Proactive About Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicles is expensive, and unplanned downtimes can throw a major wrench into your business. GPS tracking solutions offer detailed vehicle diagnostics to proactively monitor vehicles for small problems that will soon become expensive breakdowns.


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