Improve Service Delivery: Geo-Fence, What Is It?

Geo-Fence and Its Uses

With the Gentrifi GPS platform users can create a geo-fence and also use our dispatching feature to help improve service delivery. A geo-fence is a specified area that can be created inside our  platform. Any virtual fence that has been created within the platform will take into account which and how many assets are inside the area. The area can be a small area of just a few blocks made with a polygon or use a circle to inhibit the surrounding area if in a yard. Then, the user can choose to either do a yard check on that  virtual fence to see what assets have breached the area and also run setup notification reports. Notification reports can be associated with it allowing for SMS and eMail to be sent directly to anyone who wants to receive it when it has been breached. This makes reports easy to read and provide detailed asset tracking information.

Geo Fencing will allow you to view important movements within user-defined zones that are constantly monitored. Inside of the back office portal, you will be able to define the rules that will allow automatic alerts for cases when a vehicle arrives on schedule or does not arrive on schedule. These features coupled with GPS tracking on your truck, will allow you to show your customers exactly when you delivered the load, if it was the right location at the right time, which facilitates accurate invoicing.

Geo Fencing is a very powerful tool that can also be used to curb the ever present chance of theft. If one of your trucks, or any asset, exits the predefined geo zone, you will receive a notification allowing you to contact law officials and recover your asset before it leaves your yard. If just one theft is prevented, this solution pays for itself.