Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistant Systems

Mobileye Brings To You A Safer Drive

Being able to drive safely is becoming difficult in America especially for Truckers. It seems like every day that goes by the road is getting less and less safe with drivers weaving in and out of cars, talking on their cell phones, dazing off, impatient, and easily angered by little mistakes. 

Gentrifi GPS has partnered with Mobileye to help try and make those streets safer for all drivers by producing an intelligent system that can read what drivers are doing before the situation becomes hazardous. Using an artificial optical sensor Mobileye is able to throw warnings that visually and audibly tell drivers about possible threats.

Alert System

Forward Collision Warning
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With every hazard on the streets the system has a warning that it will throw. Each alert has a clear visual that is easy to see and recognize. Here are some of the warnings it can throw:

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Headway Monitoring & Warning
  • Speed Limit Indicator
  • Intelligent High Beam Control
  • Turn Signal Reminder
  • Low Visibility Indicator

Each alert that is thrown is a feature the device offers. From alerting you when you are about to collide with another car to having low visibility on the road this product will show it all.


Two Key Components That Allow The Mobileye System To Function

Mobileye System

High-Resolution Vision Sensor

A small black box no bigger than a toll tag is mounted inside the windshield. This device is the vision sensor that also admits the audible warnings.

A Visual Display also known as EyeWatch®

The EyeWatch® is also mounted inside the cab giving the driver audible and visual alerts. This display is an LED hi-bright read out with an opaque lens to allow for maximum icon size in a rounded area.