Omnitracs TT150 Trailer Tracking Solution

Omnitracs TT150 Trailer Tracking Solution – How Can Your Fleet Benefit From Trailer Tracking ?

Omnitracs knows that as most SMB fleets grow, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with all the moving parts. Smart fleet managers understand the importance of maintaining visibility of their trailers at all times.

The TT150 Omnitracs Trailer Tracker will help you reduce costs, increase visibility of your fleet, and save time. You are able to see your trailers in near real-time on the same portal as your existing Omnitracs ELD units. The Cloud Based communication system sends information quickly and securely.

Omnitracs TT150 Trailer Tracking Benefits:

  • Increase trailer utilization
  • Increase asset and cargo security
  • Monitor unauthorized use of trailers
  • Improve visibility of trailer connections
  • Reduce wasted fuel searching for Trailers
  • View a detailed list of trailers that are in your yard
  • Receive notification when a trailer is dropped or connected to a tractor
  • Support proper maintenance schedule for trailers with provided mileage reports

The TT150 tracking device enables fleet owners to manage their trailer inventory, keep cargo safe, and keep drivers on the road. It helps track trailers stored in set locations and allows for customizable alerts that signal if a trailer has been dropped at an unauthorized site. This will help to increase the utilization and asset tracking.

Installation of the TT150 Trailer Tracker is as easy as it comes. With the fast and easy ‘peel and stick’ design, we guarantee that your fleet stays on the road. This all leads to increased revenue which is everyone’s goal at the end of the day.

For more information, please reach out to us for a consultative call with one of our experienced sales representatives. They are eager to provide you with a custom quote and analysis of how gps trailer tracking can benefit your organization.