Thank you for your help recovering that stolen truck this afternoon.  I never would have thought that I’d of had to use the GPS for a situation like that.

I never would have recovered the vehicle without the products y’all sold me and specifically,  you spending the time to track the vehicle down. Thank you so so much. Moving forward,  I will be a walking testimony of the greatness of products offered by Gentrifi and the exceptional customer service that is second to none. Thank you again.

- L &M Fire Systems LLC
We have had an absolutely wonderful experience with the sales team. We were in need of dash cams for our fleet and the Gentrifi team made sure we were taken care through the entire process. Purpose Transport highly recommends.

- Purpose Transport
I just want to say thank you. You are excellent at your job. ... We could have went with a different company which was $300.00 less on the devices. You were always available either via phone or email [and] didn’t mind answering my questions even [when] I asked them more than once.

- Andrews Trucking Inc.
Gentrifi was a pleasure to work with. The sales team took me through everything that I needs to know, got me a quote and then shipped the tracking units to my front door. It was a very simple transaction and the customer support has been great so far.

- Alex T.
SmartDrive's Video-Based Safety Camera with ADAS capabilities

Improve Safety

Identify risky driving through this video-based safety camera. Easily maximize safety with a coaching workflow, live review team, and intuitive dashboards.

View Real-Time Video

Know how your drivers behave on the road at all times times. With SD card and Cloud Camera options, you can find a dash camera that suits your fleet.

Live Video footage for Gentrifi's cloud and sd card dash cameras on Gentrifi's Fleet Management Saas Platform
Geofence and Alerts with Gentrifi's Asset Tracking

Maximize Asset Tracking

Get insight into asset movement with Gentrifi's intelligent tracking application. You can streamline fleet operations with real-time tracking, instant alerts, and unlimited geofencing.

Maintain Compliance

Advance fleet operations with powerful ELD solutions. You can find a solution to fit your needs with our tethered and plug-n-play option.

Omnitracs Routing Anywhere Route Planning

Optimize Routing

Boost routing and dispatching operations with powerful cloud-native routing solutions. Static and dynamic routing options provide efficient routes while improving distribution accuracy.

Increase Driver Safety

Improve driver safety with Advanced Driver Assistance System. With visual and audible warnings, your drivers will be aware of all hazards on the road.

Mobileye ADAS Collision Avoidance System

Gentrifi GPS Dash Cameras

Installing Dash Cameras across your fleet could help you save thousand of dollars and even save a life. Schedule a consultation to learn how.

Gentrifi's new fleet management mobile app

Gentrifi’s New Mobile App

Introducing Gentrifi’s New Mobile App Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store, Gentrifi’s Free Mobile app! Gentrifi and Omnitracs customers can utilize this free app to […]

Cloud computing for cloud marketplace

Why You Need to be Thinking About the Cloud Marketplace

In recent years, marketplaces have become increasingly popular in both business and consumer industries. As consumer and service marketplaces have exploded, a new form of marketplace has emerged – the managed marketplace.

Fleet Management

6 Ways to Advance Your Fleet

With these six tips, you will know how to efficiently manage your fleet and maximize the use of your resources.