Tire Pressure Monitoring System And Its Benefits

What Is A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) allows users to monitor anywhere from 10-34 wheel positions on a primary vehicle and 24 on a trailer/tow, giving users flexibility for wheel positioning and coverage for all towing applications. The TPMS system includes a Forward/Back button enabling the user with the ability to easily monitor both the primary tractor and trailer/tow either individually or together. Simply being able to check tire pressure on the fly could prevent a costly blowout. Keeping your tractors operational is your bread and butter. Prevent a breakdown with a TPMS and keep your Tractors/Trailers on the road!



  • Can capture pressures ranging from 10 psi to 250 psiTire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Are RS232 capable
  • Can display pressures in PSI, BAR or kPa
  • The Monitor displays two low pressure alert levels (at 12.5% and 25% drops), a user settable upper pressure alert (adjustable from 10% to 45%)
  • A high temperature alert to warn drivers when temperatures reach 197°F. Each Monitor has self-tests for signal strength and Sensor packet counts



Logging capabilities provided to the customer can log up to 45 days of tire stamped pressure and temperature information that can be downloaded to PressurePro’s free management software, or to an outside software platform such as Gentrifi GPS Application. You can access this feature through your ELD device and be able to monitor your tires while driving long trips!



These capabilities allow you to track and recognize tire performance trends, don’t allow your business to be reactive. With a TPMS installed in your fleet your organization can take a proactive approach to tire pressure related incidents. 

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