Trailer Tracking: Easily Manage Your Trailers

How Trailer Tracking Helps Your Business

As your organization grows it becomes more difficult to manage your trailers. Smart fleet managers understand the importance of keeping visibility of trailers, whether they’re parked in the yard or traveling the roads. Gentrifi’s intelligent GPS trailer tracking solution is the answer to lowering costs and increasing trailer use.

Gentrifi GPS cloud based software allows fleet managers to quickly login and determine the location of their assets.

Protect your cargo and increase productivity with Gentrifi’s advanced trailer tracking solution. It will eliminate yard hunts with live tracking and, in turn, increase efficiency by identifying underused trailers.

Trailer Tracking Benefits:

  • Help trailer use
  • Increase asset and cargo security
  • Check unused trailers
  • Improve visibility of trailer connections
  • Increase driver and tractor productivity
  • Hard wired and battery powered models with more battery life
  • View a detailed list of trailers that are in your yard
  • Create important reports for operations and planning
  • Improve customer service with accurate and fast information
  • Receive a message when a trailer is dropped or connected to a tractor
  • View the status and location of trailers, cargo, and containers in near real-time

Gentrifi’s strong trailer tracking solution gives a variety of different features. With live monitoring you will get quick access to your trailer’s location and status which provides fleet managers with great control over daily fleet operations.

You will be able to check and improve visibility of the trailers within your yards by using Gentrifi’s Yard Check. Geofencing can create virtual walls which offer text messages or E-mail messages when your asset enters or is in a custom location. This new found openness will allow you to gain the ability to cut costs, increase your bottom line, and make smart moves to increase your business.

With Gentrifi’s Trailer Tracking You Will Be Able To:

  1. Lower your carbon footprint
  2. Make your company more efficient
  3. Keep track of departure/arrival times
  4. Stop the increasing theft over the past few years
  5. Tracking trailers lowers wasted time and increases revenue
  6. Have record of where your trailer and assets have been