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What are the benefits of an ELog solution?

Are you still using paper logs? Paper logs and outdated equipment are the direct cause of CSA violations. Electronic Logging, Elog, streamlines the administrative process. Instead, you can re-allocate time that is saved to another area of your business.  With your focus now on more important tasks you can increase company profitability, efficiency, and effectiveness.  There are two Elog truck tracking solutions offered by Omnitracs the IVG and XRS.

The Omnitracs solution provides the following features and benefits:

  • Elogs– reduce amount of paperwork administrators have to manage
  • Text to Speech – avoid the need to text while driving with text to speech and have messages read out loud while driving
  • Safety – automated electronic logs make it easy to stay within the required Hours of Service (HOS) DOT requirements
  • Regulatory mandates – CSA regulations make it critical to maintain  proper driver logs. With an electronic logging solution maintaining correct and proper logs is made simple.
  • Navigation – deliver turn-by-turn truck specific routes directly to the driver and reduce driving time and distance as well as improve safety

Truck Tracking:

  • Reduce accidents – measure harsh braking, erratic lane departure, hard cornering
  • Fuel Management – reduce fuel consumption with applications to measure driver performance
  • Manage Tire Expenses – measure tire pressure and trailer tire pressure monitoring automatically
  • Improve Productivity – reduce administrative workload and driver paperwork with automated electronic logs


Implementing ELD’S the Right Way


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