Gentrifi GPS Critical Event Video Camera Solution

Who is Gentrifi GPS?

Gentrifi GPS is committed to providing its customers and partners with knowledge, products and the information they need to grow.

Why choose Gentrifi GPS as your vendor?

Our extremely dedicated and passionate staff work closely together with our customers and partners to identify their needs and requirements and align them with the correct products and services that fit their needs and requirements.

How does Gentrifi GPS CEV camera work?

Companies that grow pay attention to risk reduction, transparency, and optimization. Gentrifi GPS has launched a solution to mitigate risk and achieve company growth.


  • 10% decrease in accidentsMDR-5000 Camera Integration
  • 52% Reduction in Safety Related Events
  • Driver Exoneration
  • Stop Frivolous Claims
  • Event Notifications
  • Geofence Notifications
  • Speeding Notifications
  • LocationGI200 Vehicle Tracker
  • Idle Notifications
  • Utilization Reports
  • Camera Premium Discounts
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Software Fees

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