Gentrifi Cloud & SD-Card Critical Event Video Camera

VEDR Camera System

Video Event Data Recording (VEDR) camera system captures both video and vehicle data before, during, and after a collision or other sudden event. This footage will provide a comprehensive account of these events. VEDR systems record video and data in connection with the driver, vehicle (such as speed, acceleration, braking, steering), outside environment and roadway, creating a record of events that can aid in crash investigation.

VEDR Camera System Information

Our VEDR Camera System is available in various configurations allowing us to tailor this system to your exact needs. All of these features with NO monthly Fees!

  • Forward Facing Camera System
  • Forward and Driver Facing Camera System
  • Auxiliary Cameras available for side and rear view
  • Integrates seamlessly with our GPS Tracking System

Above All, Gentrifi GPS knows how to track your valuable assets, GPS is in the name of our company for a reason, it’s what we do best!

Furthermore, Our VEDR Camera System will pair with our GPS vehicle trackers to give you even more control and transparency. Not only will you be able to gather valuable video footage of a critical event, but also pinpoint a location of exactly where that event occurred. This will allow you to check facts and potentially save millions.

Whether you have 1 vehicle or 1,000, we have all the tools and means necessary to make sure our VEDR system captures all of the important footage and information.

Cloud-Based CEV Camera

The Gentrifi Cloud-Based Critical Event Camera (CEV) is a high tech in-cab video recording device that is purpose built for the logistics industry. The Gentrifi Cloud-Based CEV allows for unparalleled insight into the daily activities of your vehicles.

Equipped with a 4G modem, video will always be recorded and sent over-the-air for you to review when necessary. Custom alerts and triggers are available and easily configurable to your exact needs.

Features of the Gentrifi Cloud Based CEV Camera:

  • Continuous Recording
  • 4G Modem Over-The-Air Reports
  • Audio recording
  • Forward And Driver Facing Options
  • Tamper Resistant
  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • Easy Installation
  • SOS Alerts
  • IR For Night Vision Recording

In addition, Research has shown that having camera systems in your vehicles improves driver performance, reduces safety related events, and can save your company 20-30% on insurance claims & premiums. With up to 8 different camera views, you will have a solution that provides a safety net against false claims, liability, lawsuits and law enforcement issues.

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