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8 Channel Mobile DVR

 The 8-Channel Dash Camera is our most advanced fleet dash camera. Designed to provide companies maximum insight of their vehicles while they are on the road. Connect up to 8 cameras to the system that fits your company’s needs. This advanced dash camera system ensures that you have evidence of all incidents, allows you to check in on your vehicles from anywhere, and protects your company from false claims and conflicting claims.

CRX 8 Channel Dash Cam System

Key Features

  • 30 FPS
  • Clear HD Video
  • G-Shock Sensor
  • Built-In GPS Tracker 
  • 8 Alarm Input Triggers
  • Optional Audio Recording
  • Tamper Resistant Locking Cover
  • Connects to Vehicle Ignition Power 
  • Wifi & 3G/LTE Cellular Connectivity 
  • Backup Battery In Case of Power Loss
  • Dual Recording Modes (Continuous & Event) 
8 Channel Dash Cam On Monitor


With built-in GPS tracking you can access your vehicles location in real-time


View live video of your vehicles & receive alerts of any critical event with corresponding footage


Reduce theft with critical event reporting and get notified of events to take swift action


Use Gentrifi's online portal to access video footage for driver coaching and record of incidnets

Select Up To 8 Cameras On Your Vehicles

Monitor your entire fleet with a maximum of 8 cameras. We offer many cameras to provide a complete view of your vehicles

The mini dome is a round camera giving you a surround view on the inside of the cab

Dual blind spot cameras ensure that you have video evidence of the hard to see areas of your vehicles 

The rear-facing or cargo-facing camera can be set up to face any cargo that you carry or on the road behind your vehicle so you have eyes on what matters

Dual side cameras can be mounted to the side of the windshield or mirrors to give an extensive side view 

The road/forward-facing camera is a wide-angle camera giving you full view of the road

Monitor driver behavior with an in-cab camera

The road & driver combo camera combines the two most popular cameras freeing up another channel to be used

8 CH dash cam on semi truck

Access Live HD Video

Easily view live footage of your vehicles on our web-based tracking application. Get visibility into how your drivers behave with real-time video of active devices.

Simplify driver checkups with our accessible live video. You can easily ensure your drivers follow the laws and drive properly.

Instant Event Alerts

Gain important insight into driver behavior with critical event alerts. You’ll receive a notification via text or email when a critical event is triggered.

With real-time reporting, you will be notified of:

  • Sharp Turns
  • Harsh Braking
  • Speeding
  • Shock
  • Severe Shock
  • Ignition On/Off

By having this critical visibility into driver performance, you can incentivize drivers for good behavior and coach drivers with poor behavior

real time driver monitoring and alerts on mobile