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Gentrifi’s fleet management system provides visibility of your vehicles at all times. Our cost-effective tracking solution will help save you money and give you peace of mind when your fleet is away. Some features include the ability to review breadcrumb trails, receive instant event alerts, and create geofences around important sites.

Increase Driver Productivity

Gain valuable insight into driver behavior. Access data on stops, duration of time, and idling. 

Reduce Operating Expenses

Minimize idling time and fuel expense by monitoring vehicle use.

Increase Safety and Security

Easily view the location and status of your vehicles with Gentrifi’s fleet tracking solution.

Become Efficient and Go Green

Manage your fleet’s gas emission through engine diagnostics. 

Live Video

View your vehicles cameras in real-time at any time and see exactly what your drivers are seeing.  

Live Feed Dash Cam Footage
GPS Tracking Online Portal

Asset Tracking

Locate your vehicles easily on Gentrifi’s home page. With Last Known Reporting, users can view updated vehicle and asset locations in real-time.

Driver Routes

Simply review driver routes with breadcrumb replay. Managers can see when and where critical events occur along the route. 

Breadcrumb Report Map Portal
Critical Event Alerts for Fleets - Map View

Critical Event Reports

Gentrifi’s platform provides real-time critical event reporting. Users get insight into: 

  • Harsh Breaking         
  • Sharp Turns 
  • Quick Acceleration
  • Shock 
  • Severe Shock 
  • Ignition On/Off


Compatible With

Solar Power Asset Tracker

Critical Event Cloud Camera

Plug 'n' Play Vehicle Tracker

Gentrifi GPS's Bread Crumb Report has allowed me to overview exactly when and where my assets have traveled and how they performed while driving...allowing me to simply save time and put my focus elsewhere. Great Product for a low monthly cost."
Rex Long
Rex Long Transport Co

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