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What Does Gentrifi Do?

Gentrifi provides intelligent applications for tracking, managing, and protecting assets that help businesses increase revenue, improve asset utilization, and reduce operating expenses.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a web-based platform that delivers return-on-investment (ROI) results rapidly and can be integrated with your existing application processes. If you have specific or unique requirements we can develop a custom solution to suit your business needs.

Since 2008 Gentrifi has demonstrated that technology, if used effectively, can produce significant expense reduction, identify revenue opportunities, and provide a platform for your business to grow. We employ processes and techniques that deliver results quickly.

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How We Started

With more than 30 years of IT experience in the most competitive and dynamic environments in the Financial and Telecom industries, our founders have approached technology solutions from a total business perspective.

Our solutions will push your company towards the top of your industry with a focus on increasing profits.