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Get Insight Into Your Fleet’s Performance

Roadnet Anywhere

Advance your routing and dispatch with automated route plans and GPS tracking.

Roadnet Telematics

Create efficient fleet management by gaining full visibility into your fleet.

“Roadnet gave us better directions and better route plans. Everybody uses it every day – it’s part of our routine now. Roadnet is definitely integrated into our process.”

LKQ Corporation


Receive customized routes based on stops, equipment capacity, and service windows.

Real Time GPS

Increase visibility into your fleet with real time GPS Tracking.

Easy To Use

Customize route details at any time with an easy drag and drop interface.


Reduce Unnecessary Calls

Provide instant communication to your customers with customizable alerts to delight your drivers and back-office teams.

Achieve Efficient Vehicle Routing

Use intelligent AI to gain route efficiencies and streamline your day-to-day planning.

Delivers Orders On Time

Unplanned stops and going off-route can increase fuel expenses and delivery time. Safely deliver accurate orders to more customers on time.

Optimize Your Business

Use previous data to optimize territories and routes for your drivers and provide the best delivery options to your customers.