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Track. Monitor. Protect.

Trailer Tracking

Effectively manage your
trailers on and off the road

Vehicle Tracking

Know how your drivers are
behaving at all times

Cargo Tracking

Access the location of your
high-valued goods

People Tracking

Easily view the location of
your workers on a job site

Asset Tracking

Keep track of where all your assets
are anytime and anywhere

Reefer Tracking

Monitor the temperature of
your refrigerated cargo


Know where your valuable assets are at all times with real-time GPS tracking.


View breadcrumb trails and daily operations to optimize your fleet or asset management.


Reduce theft by monitoring asset movement with geofence and critical event alerts.


Look over planned vs actual routes to create efficient and accurate routes.

Feel Empowered to Run Your Fleet Efficiently

Start running your business smarter with Gentrifi’s fleet tracking solutions. You will get instant visibility into your fleet with real-time location, event alerts, and robust reports. Enhance your fleet management system by streamlining resource use and reducing unnecessary spending.

Advance your fleet with our intelligent tracking application. You’ll have the tools necessary to minimize operational costs, reduce wasted hours spent looking for assets, and manage your fleet more effectively.

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live gps tracking with dash cam

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Gentrifi’s tracking solution enables you to view the location and status of your vehicles.

We give you the power to manage your fleet easily with intuitive Google Maps software. Enhance your fleet management and secure your vehicles.

Unlimited Geofences

Boost your insight into your fleet with our Geofence feature. Know when an asset enters or exits a designated zone.

Valuable Reports

Manage your fleet better through beneficial reports. Get visibility into the location and status of your assets.

Instant Alerts

Be aware of where your costly assets are. Receive SMS or email notifications for all geofence triggers and critical events.

Gentrifi’s New Mobile App

Check vehicle and asset locations in real-time

Get instant access to recent critical event reports

Review video footage and event details for recent critical events

Easily locate a specific device with a Search Bar

Use Voice Commands to view location details for a specific device

Fleet Tracking Mobile App - Android and IPhone

Does your organization have a need to monitor driving behavior, and non-job related activity?

Managing a fleet is costly and time consuming whether you use trucks, vans, or a little of both. Is your organization having a difficult time managing the fleets fuel usage, repairs, insurance costs, and under used assets?

Without real-time visibility into asset tracking, managing customer expectations is challenging.

Managing drivers is a tough job — but it can be a lot easier with the right technology:

  • If drivers are using vehicles outside of work hours, you’ll know it with automated alerts and easy to use reports.
  • ‘Off-route violations’ will show when a driver has driven off the planned route.
  • Your driver says he arrived in the early afternoon, but the customer says it was in the evening. With GPS tracking, you can easily check what time the driver arrived.

Driver scorecards allow your organizations to motivate drivers based on the following metrics:

  • Driving Behavior.
  • Vehicle Idle Time.
  • Monitor Daily Operations.
  • Planned vs Actual Route Performance.

Monitoring speeding and idling can help reduce fuel costs and increase your profit margins.

Insurance companies are giving discounts to fleets that are implementing GPS tracking solutions. Research has shown GPS tracking devices impact driver safety and theft reduction.

Maintaining your vehicles is expensive, and unplanned downtimes can throw a major wrench into your business. GPS tracking solutions offer detailed vehicle diagnostics to proactively monitor vehicles for small problems that will soon become expensive breakdowns.