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Reefer Trackers

Keep Cold Cargo Safe

Better manage your cold chain operations with Gentrifi’s Reefer Tracking Solutions. You will gain fleet and cargo status access with Orbcomm’s cloud-based platform. Improve profitability by reducing costly spoiled goods and improving fleet visibility.


Get a hassle-free, solar-powered reefer tracker. The latest solar power technology enables this tracker to charge in direct and indirect sunlight. With one hour of sun exposure, you will receive nine reports.


Efficiently manage your cold chain operations with an advanced reefer tracker. The Reefer Trailer Manager allows you to adjust and monitor the temperatures of your trailers remotely.

Protect Valuable Cargo

Around-the-clock temperature monitoring, automated alarms and two-way control allow for quick, corrective action when issues with a load are detected.

Improve Efficiency

Use sophisticated monitoring systems connected to reefer units to gain two-way control and handle reefer functions remotely, so your driver doesn’t have to.

Streamline Handoffs

Ensure loads maintain proper temperature set points when switching hands to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and protect your business from liability.

Key Features

Flexible Reporting

Access critical fleet and cargo status data anywhere from the cloud-based ORBCOMM platform, from our mobile app or right from your Transportation Management Systems (TMS) portal.

Temperature Charts

See reefer temperature on a dynamic chart for a specific date range. Export temperature values to a .csv file for further analysis and to easily share data.

Smart Geofences

Receive automated departure and arrival notifications
to streamline load and unload cycles, optimize trailer assignment, improve turn times and monitor for detention.

Remote Controls

Direct integration with the leading refrigeration unit manufacturers enable advanced temperature reporting, real- time alerts and remote reefer control. Change temperature set points and mode of operation, initiate a pre-cool or pre-trip inspection, power a unit and more—all from a centralized location.

Automated Alerts

Get notified of sudden temperature fluctuations, equipment malfunctions, unscheduled stops, unauthorised door openings and more. Receive regular updates on operating mode, running hours, battery, fuel levels and more. Receive alerts via email or text to individuals or groups.

Fuel Analytics

Save money on fuel by optimizing reefer operation, detecting theft and validating fuel purchases. Comprehensive reports allow you to assess performance for different refrigeration systems and identify reefer settings that help improve fuel economy.

Temperature Charts and Graphs

Get real-time insight into trailer temperatures with user-friendly charts. Know when the temperature isn’t in the right conditions and when the cold goods are moved. 

Receive notifications when asset temperatures are optimal for loading or when they deviate outside specified parameters. Automate the collection and retention of temperature data, and store temperature records for up to a year to easily provide to authorities.

Access Real-Time Data

Easily analyze the performance of your fleet with specific temperature date, and time data. You can identify major trends to minimize the waste of spoiled cold goods.

Gain Full Visibility into Your Fleet

Orbcomm’s cloud-based platform provides maximum visibility into fleet trailers. You will know where your trailers are at all times.