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Compact Cargo Tracker

Monitor cargo location at all times with Gentrifi’s compact cargo tracker. With real-time alerts, you can monitor the movement of you high-value cargo and goods. Ensure you cargo is at the right place at the right time.

Compact Size

The cargo tracker easily fits into boxes and containers. It's small dimensions allow it to fit in tight spaces.

Short Term Tracking

Track quick cargo shipments with a battery that lasts up to three months.

Rechargeable Battery

Easily keep your trackers charged at all times with a rechargeable battery. Charge the device and go!

Create Geofence Zones with GPS Trackers

Create Geofence Zones

Simplify the monitoring of assets, cargo, and goods with Geofence zones.

Before a shipment of goods, create a Geofence around the arrival location. When the cargo crosses into the pre-designated zone, an automatic alert will be sent to managers.

Monitor Valuable Cargo

Verify the location of your high-value cargo with real-time GPS tracking. When you ship large assets, you can ensure they are in the correct location.

With an optional magnet, Gentrifi’s Cargo Tracker will attach to any metal surface om an asset. You can slap ‘n’ track assets or simply slide the tracker into an asset.

Auto Transport
Important Documents Tracker

Protect Important Goods

Track the movement of important documents and goods. The small dimensions of the Cargo Tracker allows the device to fit in tight spaces.

You can protect confidential information and important assets at all times with real-time GPS tracking and alerts.