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Asset Tracking & Management Solutions

Easily Find Your Assets

The Gentrifi GPS asset tracking and management solutions can track all types of assets.

If an asset has great value to your business, we can help you track it, protect it, and manage it better. For non-powered assets, we have battery-powered devices that can be easily attached to your equipment.





Gain visibility into your assets location and movement


With Geofencing tools, you can ensure your assets are in the right location.


Secure your assets by gaining insight into all movement.

Instant Event Alerts

Gain critical insight into high-value asset movement. Real-time event reporting allows you to know when an asset arrives or departs.

Your foreman can streamline operations by knowing when assets are set to arrive on site.

Receive real-time mobile alerts when a resource enters or exits a designated area. You can expand your protection and security of your assets by knowing their location at all times.

Create Geofence Zones

Simplify your search for assets with Geofence zones. With an unlimited number of geofences, you can ensure your non-powered assets are in the right location.

Real-Time Location

Know where your high-value assets are at all times and in real time. Gentrifi’s tracking solution lets you view your equipment’s location and status.

We give you the power to manage your valuable assets easily with intuitive Google Maps software. Enhance your asset management and keep them secure.


Reliable Battery

With class leading battery life, you can rest knowing that your valuable asset will be responding everyday without failure.


Install your asset tracker in a matter of minutes with our peel and stick trackers.

Unlimited Geofences

Easily create virtual barriers. Gain insight into all movement of your valuable assets with our geofencing tools. Know when an asset enters or leaves an area, increasing the protection and utilization of your assets.

Enhanced Asset Management

Learn how Gentrifi’s application helps optimize your assets and reduces unnecessary costs.

Reporting Metrics

With Gentrifi’s application, you will gain important reporting metrics. Learn how you can expand your insight into your assets.