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Simplify Your Trailer Tracking

Need help finding your trailers?

You need Gentrifi’s intelligent trailer-tracking solutions.

Our trailer tracking solutions allow fleet managers to determine their trailers’ locations quickly.

Increase productivity by eliminating long yard hunts and easily identifying underused assets.

Secure your cargo and protect your valuable assets with our powerful GPS tracking tool.

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Trailer Tracking Solutions






Prevent Trailer Theft

Receive alerts when a trailer enters or leaves a Geofence zone

Reduce Yard Hunts

Get instant access to location of a trailer in a yard

Increase Revenue

Identify underused trailers and reduce fuel usage

Yard Checks For Fleet Managers

Simplify Yard Checks


Gain a simple and quick way to verify the location of your trailers and streamline your yard checks to save time and reduce fuel expenses. Verify your trailers are in the right location in a matter of minutes.

With the click of a button, you will have access to all the trailers in each yard. You will have the ability to create as many yards as your business needs.

Reduce your fuel expenses by up to 20% by decreasing your searching and idling time when trying to find trailers.

Easily protect and recover your trailers with our intelligent solutions.

Create Geofence Zones

Simply create geofence zones around your trailer yards. With an unlimited number of geofences, you can make sure your trailers are in the correct location.

Instantly know when a trailer arrives or departs with SMS or email notifications. You will receive an alert when a trailer with a tracking device crosses the geofence boundary.

Create Geofence Zones with GPS Trackers
GPS Tracking For Trailers with Map and Event Alert

See Trailers in Real-Time

Know where your trailers are at all times with Gentrifi’s user-friendly tracking application. Our powerful application enables you to quickly check the location of your trailers.

We give you the power to manage your fleet easily with intuitive Google Maps software. You will know exactly where your trailer is.

Enhance your fleet management and prevent theft of your valuable assets.


Maximize Trailer Use

Gain visibility into underused trailers and reduce wasted assets

View Location

See where your trailers are located and their status in near real-time

Get Notifications

Receive an alert when a trailer is dropped or connected to a tractor

Improve Productivity

Increase driver and tractor productivity

Create Custom Reports

Create critical reports for operations and planning

Unlimited Geofences

Gain insight into when a trailer enters or exits a geofence

Fleet Management

Learn how Gentrifi’s application helps you optimize your fleet and reduces unnecessary costs.

Reporting Metrics

With Gentrifi’s application, you will gain important reporting metrics. Learn how you can expand your insight into your fleet.