Gentrifi GPS

Mini Slap ‘n’ Track Solution

Easily protect your trailers, cargo, and other assets with our Slap ‘n’ Track Cargo Tracker. This tracking device is the perfect solution for tracking trailers, cargo, and assets for a short period of time. This tracker has a rechargeable battery with a 1-3 month battery life.

Key Features

Rechargeable Battery

Easy Access Panic Button

Low Power Consumption

Motion Detection

Low Battery Alert

Mini Slap 'n' Track on a Trailer

Easily Track Trailers

Easily track trailers on deliveries with slap and go installation and a recharging battery.

You can easily keep track of where trailers are on the delivery route.

Device Info

LTE Network

50.5 x 75 x 22.5 mm

IP65 Water Resistant

Li-on Rechargeable Battery

Power & Panic Button

Built-in 3 Axis Accelerometer

Protection against ESD and overvoltage