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Plug-n-Play Vehicle Tracker

The Plug ‘n’ Play Vehicle Tracker easily installs into your vehicles. Gain real-time insight into driver behavior and vehicle location and status. Real-time GPS tracking helps you improve fleet management by maximizing visibility into daily operations.


Fast Installation

Simply plugs into the diagnostic port below the steering wheel

Real-Time Insight

View where your vehicles are and their current status

View Trips

Access breadcrumb trails and see individual trip information

Key Features


Create an unlimited number of geofences to increase visibility into your fleet

Critical Events

View detailed reports of critical events such as harsh braking to understand driver behavior

Real-Time Tracking

View the location of your vehicles in real-time with our intelligent tracking application

I/O Triggers

Customize input/output triggers to better understand fleet operations

Power Modes

Reduce power consumption with three power modes – active, sleep, and deep sleep mode

Impact Detection

Know if one of your vehicles is in an accident with impact detection


Improved Visibility

Advance fleet management by improving visibility through real-time tracking and detailed reports

Identify Risky Drivers

Identify poor drivers by analyzing critical event reports and day-to-day reports

Reduce Expenses

Minimize fleet operation expenses with routine maintenance checks

Check Location

You can make sure your vehicles are in the right locations at all times

View Arrival Time


Verify your driver’s arrival time when there are conflicting reports

Maximize Vehicle Use

Maximize resource use by identifying underused vehicles