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Road safety is a critical concern for everyone on the road, but it is essential for companies with commercial vehicles. Accidents involving commercial vehicles can result in costly damages, liability disputes, and of course harm to employees and other motorists. By prioritizing road safety, companies can minimize downtime and ensure an efficient fleet and overall operations. 

The use of safety solutions like live dash cameras can help foster a safer driving environment. Live dash cameras are not just cameras, but an all-in-one safety tool that provides unparalleled insight, and assistance and encourages responsible behavior. Live dash cameras are a great addition to any vehicle to promote road safety at an affordable cost. 

The Basics of Live Dash Cams

Live dash cameras are cloud-based systems that display your drivers, vehicles, and surrounding environment in real time. Its cloud connectivity allows for viewing from anywhere at any time so companies can see exactly what their drivers see. Through its continuous monitoring and recording, the cameras act as another set of eyes for your driver, while giving important insight to managers who are not on the road. 

Live dash cameras are much more accessible than traditional dash cameras. Traditional dash cameras or non-cloud dash cameras store recorded footage locally so the only way to view the footage is to take out the SD card and view it on a computer. While you may still get record of incidents with non-cloud cameras, it makes it difficult if your driver is in an accident hundreds of miles away and you cannot review the footage until receiving the SD card. Additionally, with traditional dash cameras, you do not get the insight and reporting that comes with having a live dash camera. 

Key features of live dash cameras are live streaming video, critical event alerts, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), driver monitoring system (DMS), live GPS tracking, and data reporting. All of these features work together on one device to provide comprehensive access to your vehicles and drivers. Through these features, live dash cameras can help protect your company from insurance fraud, conflicting reports of events, false claims, and work prevent accidents before they happen. 

Real-Time Monitoring for Immediate Awareness

One of the many reasons companies opt for live dash cameras is because of their real-time monitoring capabilities. Real-time monitoring offers several benefits for both drivers and managers. For drivers, real-time monitoring provides immediate feedback, helping them identify and respond to potential hazards. The camera is constantly scanning for any threats on the road and will alert drivers if something is detected. This gives them time to avoid an accident before it occurs. For managers, real-time monitoring provides a constant view of their vehicle’s whereabouts and activities. This helps companies provide accurate time estimates for deliveries and jobs. Another benefit is that if their drivers need assistance they can pull up the feed and assist them remotely. Lastly, real-time monitoring assures managers that their vehicles and drivers are safe. They can check in at any time for any reason. Live dash cams provide unmatched insight that is extremely useful for managers to monitor vehicles that are gone most of the time. 

Live dash cameras are able to provide a live feed through their built-in cameras and cloud connectivity. The cameras record the environment and the LTE enables the transmission of the video feed to another device, like a phone or tablet. Through your cameras/service providers portal, you will be able to access the live footage and data regarding your vehicles and drivers.

Accident Prevention and Mitigation

Live dash cameras have the ability to prevent accidents before they happen with features like ADAS, DMS, and AI in conjunction with the real-time monitoring mentioned previously. 

ADAS uses sensors and radar to continuously scan the vehicle’s surroundings and can detect things like lane departures, forward proximity, obstacles in the road, and parking assistance. With DMS, driver behaviors are analyzed through AI algorithms to look for dangerous driver behaviors like eating, drinking, texting, smoking, and even drowsiness. If any of these behaviors are detected the dash cam alerts drivers and managers (if the feature is switched on) so that they can stop the behavior and the company has a record of it. The advanced technology that these features use actively works to prevent collisions and incidents by alerting your drivers. 

Capturing Crucial Evidence

If an accident does occur, live dash cameras are your most reliable witness. Having reliable evidence during accident claims is extremely important in establishing the facts of what happened, helping to avoid liability disputes. Having a live dash camera with on-demand footage also helps to speed up insurance claims, and law enforcement and legal processes. Live dash cameras serve as an objective witness to the events that occurred before, during, and after an accident. Having all of the footage leading up to the event and not just the accident footage helps to ensure that the sequence of events are properly documented. Another benefit that live dash cams bring is their cloud connectivity that constantly backs up recordings so you don’t have to worry about missing any critical footage. Additionally, live dash cameras provide timestamped recordings which are extremely valuable during insurance and legal investigations, bolstering the authenticity of the evidence. Having unbiased evidence helps ensure quick investigations allowing you to get back on the road as quickly as possible

Increasing Accountability and Improving Driver Behavior

Live dash cameras can also promote accountability among drivers. Just knowing that a camera is in the vehicle encourages drivers to practice safe driving behaviors like maintaining appropriate speeds, and avoiding aggressive maneuvers. With live dash cams especially, drivers know that their managers can check in on them at any time without their knowledge. Having a camera can hold drivers accountable and fosters an added sense of responsibility for their actions while on the road. 

Studies have shown the impact that live dash cams have on promoting safer driving habits. A study by the National Injury Research Symposium found that there was a 60% reduction in the number of accidents when dash cameras were used.  

Choosing the Right Live Dash Cam

When selecting a live dash camera for your company there are multiple factors to consider. First, make sure to decide what areas inside and around your vehicle you want to have coverage for. Most fleet management providers sell 1-channel solutions that show a front view of the road, 2-channel solutions that will cover both the road and inside the vehicles, and all the way up to 8-channel cameras that surround the entire vehicle. When comparing different solutions, consider factors like night vision, storage capacity, video quality, and different ADAS features. Lastly, make sure to evaluate your budget for live dash cams. Most professional live dash cameras have subscription costs that last for a few years, so make sure that the service costs fit in the budget.

After purchasing a professional dash camera you can either have it professionally installed or watch training videos and do it yourself. If you choose to install it yourself be sure to properly mount the camera and ensure there is a clear and unobstructed view. To ensure video quality is clear periodically clean the lenses of cameras inside and outside of the vehicle. Lastly, log in to your service provider’s portal often to make sure the camera is providing your data and footage quickly and reliably. 

Advance Your Fleet

Live dash cameras offer many benefits for increasing road safety. With real-time monitoring of driver feedback and the insight it gives managers, live dash cameras are a complete safety solution that companies can implement easily and affordably. 

If your company is looking for ways to improve fleet safety and add a layer of security while driving, integrating live dash cameras is a great choice. The many benefits that come with live dash cameras allow the camera to pay for itself. With the many different options available there is a live video solution that fits every company’s needs and budget. 

By equipping your vehicles with live dash cameras you not only enhance fleet safety within your company but also contribute to the safety of all of those on the road. Responsible driving prompted by the presence of live dash cameras reduces collision frequencies benefiting all motorists. In the event of an incident, the sheer accessibility of evidence from real-time dash cams can expedite legal processes getting your vehicles back on the road quickly. Ultimately, the integration of live dash cameras is a win for everyone. Contact us to find the right solution for your business!