Gentrifi GPS

Installing a GPS tracker in your car or truck is fast and easy. Minimal skills are required to install a Gentrifi GPS tracker in your vehicle or other powered equipment. Basic ‘behind the dash’ vehicle installation needs only three wires. An ignitionInsalling a tracker in the dash wire, ground wire, and constant power wire. The number of wires depends on how many inputs and outputs (I/O) are needed. Features are available such as, notification when doors, boxes, and trunks open and close, lights go on and off, driver acceleration and braking behavior events, alerts when a vehicle or equipment has been in the same location, starts or stops moving, leaves or enters an area, or idles for an extended period of time. Each GPS tracker you install in a car or truck will take approximately 30 minutes. Gentrifi GPS also has ‘plug and play’ trackers that require no installation at all. Install a Gentrifi GPS Tracker in your car or truck and start improving your business operations, increase revenue, and reduce expenses.

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