There are 273,000 accident’s involving trucks each year. 3,700 of those accidents resulted in fatalities, and 88,000 resulted inimages injuries. Not to mention the economical damage the company will acquire with the resulting legal fees associated with accidents. Not all accidents are caused by truck drivers who are: driving erratically, speeding, switching lanes harshly, harsh braking, not paying attention to the wheel. Some of these accidents are not your drivers fault. Except how does your business, and the legal system know for a FACT that your driver was not at fault. Without a device like the MCP50 equipped in the vehicle it is nearly impossible to understand what really happened at the event of the crash. A system like the MCP50 can save your business millions of dollars in lawsuit fees. 87% of crashes occur from Driver Error, so installing MCP50’s in your truck is probably a good idea. Look at this document to see a breakdown of this data Fleet Safety. The following article was referenced–   Improve fleet Safety on The Road