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Navigating Success: Strategies for Effective Fleet Route Optimization

routing optimization for fleets

Picture this: a fleet manager faced with the daunting task of coordinating multiple vehicles, meeting tight delivery schedules, and overcoming unforeseen obstacles on the road. Fleet management, particularly in the context of route optimization, presents unique challenges that can significantly impact operational efficiency and costs. In this article, we delve into the importance of effective […]

GPS Tracking: The Added Value of Fleet Dash Cameras

As the transportation industry continues to grow, new integrated technology solutions are emerging that help companies improve their operations. One solution that offers a combination of valuable features are live dash cameras with GPS tracking. These live dash cameras combine GPS trackers and dash cameras into one seamless solution.    Dash cams with GPS, or […]

Gentrifi’s New Mobile App

Gentrifi's new fleet management mobile app

Introducing Gentrifi’s New Mobile App Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store, Gentrifi’s Free Mobile app! Gentrifi and Omnitracs customers can utilize this free app to simplify fleet management. Track, monitor, and protect your high-value assets from your own mobile device. With intuitive voice command, mapping, and event review, you’ll know what […]