Gentrifi’s New Mobile App

Gentrifi's new fleet management mobile app

Introducing Gentrifi’s New Mobile App Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store, Gentrifi’s Free Mobile app! Gentrifi and Omnitracs customers can utilize this free app to simplify fleet management. Track, monitor, and protect your high-value assets from your own mobile device. With intuitive voice command, mapping, and event review, you’ll know what […]

What is Fleet Management? An Overview by Gentrifi GPS

Companies with medium to large fleets feel the pressure from competitors who have already successfully adopted Fleet Management systems. Smart Fleet and Safety managers have identified weak operational processes and understand that they can mitigate these pain points by implementing a sophisticated fleet management system. Fleet Management: Fleet Management is the management of commercial and […]

Importance of GPS Trailer Tracking

Gentrifi’s addresses the important elements of trailer tracking such as: where your trailers are located, if they are hooked or un-hooked from the tractor, if they are connected to power and if the doors have been opened or closed. Utilizing Gentrifi’s Trailer Tracking devices and application your trailers will be more secure and your business […]