Cloud Based CEV Camera

Know What Happens In All Incidents

Gentrifi’s Cloud Camera records an event before, during, and after an accident. With the click of a button, you will have footage in the cloud at your disposal. This tamper resistant dash camera allows you to customize alerts and triggers to fit your exact needs.

SmartWitness Critical Event Video Camera and Dash Camera
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How the Cloud Camera Works

Critical Event Reporting information for Gentrifi's Cloud Camera

Gentrifi’s Cloud Camera automatically records a set period of time before, during, and after a triggered event.

When a triggered event occurs, the Cloud Camera will record 10-20 seconds before the event, during the event, and 10-20 seconds after the event. Once recorded, the video clip will be available on Gentrifi’s application for fleet managers to view.

Access Live HD Video

Easily view live footage of your vehicles on our web-based tracking application. Get visibility into how your drivers behave with real-time video of active devices.

Simplify driver check ups with our accessible live video. You can easily make sure your drivers are following the laws and driving properly.

Critical Event Video Review on Gentrifi's Tracking Application

Instant Event Alerts

Gain important insight into driver behavior with critical event alerts. You’ll receive a notification via SMS or email when a critical event is triggered.

Easily setup alerts for as many people as needed. With maximum visibility you can incentivize drivers for good behavior and coach drivers with poor behavior.

Get Critical Event Reports

See how your drivers are behaving at the click of a button. Quickly view what critical events have been triggered.

Easily click on a critical event to see video footage of the triggered event. You will instantly have a better understanding of your driver’s behavior. For poor driver behavior, simply assign it as “Coach.” You will be empowered to run your fleet efficiently without it being a burden.

Critical Event Reports and Breadcrumb Trail on Gentrifi's Tracking Application
Real-time map location for Vehicle Tracking on Gentrifi's Tracking Application

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Gentrifi’s tracking solution enables you to view the location and status of your vehicles.

We give you the power to manage your fleet easily with intuitive Google Maps software. Enhance your fleet management and secure your vehicles.

Driver Facing Camera

Get video evidence at your finger tips. False claims, conflicting reports, and staged accidents cause fleets to loose money every year. When an incident occurs, this camera will be triggered and will record what occurs during the event. You will know what your driver was doing during an incident. Get the proof you need to save your business time and money.

Cloud Critical Event Video Camera Driver Facing Camera

Why do you need a CEV Camera?

Research has shown that having camera systems in your vehicles improves driver performance, reduces safety related events, and can save your company 20-30% on insurance claims and premiums.

With up to 8 different camera views, you will have a solution that provides a safety net against false claims, liability, lawsuits, and law enforcement issues.

Protect Yourself From

Insurance Fraud

Conflicting Reports of Actual Events

False Claims


Staged Accidents

Driving Offense Allegations

With cloud-based memory storage, you will receive footage in real time. See critical events as they take place and view your driver’s location.

The CEV is a forward facing camera with an optional driver, side, and rear facing cameras.

Receive Critical Event reporting for

  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Steering

Receive notifications via SMS or email when a critical event is recorded.

The CEV comes with tamper resistant design to prevent losing footage and theft.

GPS data records continuously to provide location data, vehicle speed, and accurate time/date

A built-in microphone allows the CEV to record audio in all footage.

Built-in speakers provide audible alerts for your drivers.