G-Black Dash Camera

G-Black Dash Camera

The G-Black Dash Camera is a compact touch screen dash cam for fleets and vehicles. Get high-quality footage of incidents with 1080p HD video and a wide-angle lens.

G-Black Advanced Dash Camera
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Touch Screen

Adjust settings and review footage on a 3.5 inch touch LCD

Recording Modes

Record on 4 different modes – normal, impact, parking, and motion


Feel extra safe with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Memory Recovery

Never lose footage with automatic memory recovery

Night Vision

Get high-quality recordings regardless of the time of day

GPS Tracking

Receive location and speed recording with an external GPS sensor

G-Black Dash Camera on Vehicle

Camera Info

1080p HD Video

Event Recording by Impact

Forward Facing Camera

Built-in Microphone for Audio

Built-in Speaker for Voice Guidance

30 Frames per Second

140º Wide-Angle Lens