Simplify Your Logging Experience

Gentrifi GPS has partnered together with Omnitracs to provide a best in-class solution to our customers.

Finding a solution that meets all your needs will allow you to focus on more important tasks that can increase company profitability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Omnitracs IVG

Tethered ELD

Voice Guided Hands-Free Access

Rugged Device

Omnitracs XRS

Tablet / Phone ELD


Automated Reports

ELD Add Ons

Omnitracs Critical Event Video Camera
Omnitracs CEV Camera
Arkon Mount
Arkon Mounts
Omnitracs IVG and Cables
ELD Cables

Per Diem Manager

Easily manage drivers’ expenses.

Tax Manager

Maximize your tax deductions.   

Weigh Station Bypass

Reduce distance and time on the road.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Know when your tires are low on air.


Get insight into driver behavior.

Truck Tracking Benefits

Reduce Accidents

Measure harsh braking, erratic lane departure, and hard cornering

Fuel Management

Reduce fuel consumption by analyzing driver performance

Manage Tire Expenses

Monitor tire pressure and trailer tire pressure

Improve Productivity

Reduce administrative workload and driver paperwork with automated electronic logs

Gentrifi GPS Tracking, ELD, and Dash Camera Solutions for Omnitracs

Reduce the amount of paperwork administrators have to manage.

Avoid the need to text and drive. Text to speech reads messages out loud so the driver can keep their attention on the road.

Automated electronic logs make it easy to stay within the required Hours of Service (HOS) DOT requirements.

CSA regulations make it critical to maintain proper driver logs. Maintaining correct and proper logs is made simple with an electronic logging solution.

Send turn-by-turn truck specific routes directly to the driver. Reduce driving time and distance, improve driver safety, and lower fuel expenses.