Roadnet Anywhere

Efficient Routing and Dispatch

Streamline your delivery system with Omnitracs RNA fleet routing system. Optimize drivers routes to reduce unnecessary fuel costs and improve customer service.

Feel empowered to make smart decisions with robust reporting and fleet trends.

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Reduce Extra Expenses

Prevent high costs with insight into fuel use, costs, and vehicle wear and tear.

Industry leader

Import your daily orders and receive an optimized route plan for your drivers.

Delivers on time

Use the “Suggest Route” feature to find the optimal route for late orders.

Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere Route Planning Static and Dynamic

Optimize Driver Routes

View stops, routes, and vehicles with the click of a button. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere routing solution allows you to streamline fleet routing with automated routing.

RNA utilizes historical routing data to maximize customers and stops per route while reducing fuel consumption. Enhance your route planning and delivery system with Omnitracs powerful cloud-based routing application.

Access Valuable Data

Maximize your insight into fleet operations with driver and routing data. With detailed data on driver behavior, you can implement driver benchmarking and incentives.

Optimize the late placement of orders to existing routes and add new customers at the lowest cost while maintaining route integrity and keeping customer-specific delivery policies in mind. You will make better business decisions with powerful reporting and data insight.

Omnitracs RNA Routing System Dashboard

Accurate Delivery Time

Access location, order, and customer details to ensure accurate delivery.

Roadnet Anywhere provides automatic updates on driver status to boost customer service and satisfaction. You’ll be able to evaluate current route plans in real time and notify drivers of changes to reduce customer-service inquiries.

Customize Routes

Easily customize route preferences to fit your company’s needs. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere will find cost-effective routes while meeting your routing priorities.

You will be able to analyze and optimize your distribution system. RNA will automate your routes using historical data so you won’t have to manually reroute them.

Omnitracs customizable routing planner for Roadnet anywhere

Auto Part Industry

Building Materials Industry

Food Service Industry

Industrial Supply Industry


Routing Strategies

Routing can be fully dynamic, static, or a combination of both to meet your business needs.

Customized Routes

Customize routes based on stops, equipment capacity, and service windows.

Routing Scorecards

View the impact of manual edits made to a route in regards to cost and distance.

Interactive Map

Easily define locations and disable roads you don’t want drivers to travel on. Get real time GPS tracking of your vehicles.

Suggest Routes

Reduce late or manual orders with the Suggest Route feature. Simply import late orders to find the best route.

Intelligent Algorithm

Automatically analyze and optimize your operations based on historical data to eliminate tedious manual re-routing.