People Tracking: The Benefits To Companies

Gentrifi GPS People Tracking

Gentrifi’s people tracking solutions improve productivity, increase safety, and keep your business in touch with its employees. Our people tracking devices are voice/SMS enabled and made for industrial environments. With a wide range of tracking options such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and RFID you will always be in touch with your employees wherever they are nation-wide 24/7.

If your current business environment is a large truck yard, a underground mine or another sizable area, you will want to be sure that your workforce can be tracked and located. This is especially important when worker safety, security, and accountability are paramount to your company. People Tracking is the solution for your company.

How does People Tracking promote safety? Employees who operate in challenging and extreme work environments are provided tags that enable the logging of their movements from one area to another. This technology allows you to track and locate their exact location in order to provide immediate response and protection, particularly in emergency situations where safety is of the utmost concern.

Some people tracking examples include:

  • Worker safety in mining, oil and gas fields, industrial operations
  • Retail: Customer behavior across stores
  • Services workers, construction, factory employees
  • Security: inmate control at prison, security services at malls, and airports.
  • Sports: track athletes, bikers, skiers, mass sports such as marathons
  • Large Public Events:  Trade shows, State Fairs, and music festivals

people tracking

Increased Employee Productivity
  • Improved communication
  • Better time management
  • More efficient navigation of routes
Employee Communication
  • Communication brings employees closer
  • Employees work better in groups when communicating
  • Locating employees quickly equates to reduced labor expenses
  • Makes stressing importance of objectives easier then through text alone
Keep Your Employees Safe
  • Application features like geo-fencing can better ensure employee safety
  • if disaster occurs admins/managers can react quickly with GPS locators on their personnel
  • Knowing the GPS location of employees can help prevent dangerous situations from occurring



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