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G Cam 6


The G Cam 6 is a MicroSD card camera complete with 1080p HD resolution, and a 3.5″ touch screen. This compact camera is complete with all the advanced technology needed to monitor your fleet. This camera also features parking mode, ultra night vision, ADAS 2.0, G sensor, and external GPS connected to Google Maps. With no monthly fees, this camera solution is a great option for any fleet.




3.5″ LCD Touchscreen

  • A larger hyper-responsive touchscreen with large icons provides easy access to all camera functions.

Ultra Night Vision

  • Low light doesn’t hinder the ability to get great HD video. A bump in brightness allows you to get quality video anytime.

1080P HD Resolution

  • The high resolution on this camera ensures you will not miss any event.

Parking Mode

  • Parking mode can be enabled when the vehicle is not running, providing extra security while the driver may be away.


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