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AP1 Cloud Dash Cam

Video and Telematics All In One

Our new AP1 Cloud Dash Cam delivers video and telematics in an easy-to-install, affordable product with AI and ADAS capabilities. The AP1’s main focus is to reduce costs and keep your drivers safe and happy. This device contains GPS, EMS, and video telematics all in one.

Forward Facing Dash Cam

HD Dash Cam

The AP1 is a forward-facing dash cam only with 1080p recording capabilities and a 128-degree wide-angle view.

  • Quick, plug-n-play installation
  • Video recordings are uploaded instantly to the cloud and available anywhere
  • Provides ADAS with real-time driver notification
  • Google Maps integration for mobile tracking
  • The AP1 dash cam also comes with an optional built-in mic


ADAS works to help keep your drivers safe by giving audio notifications that alert you and your drivers of incidents and unsafe driving behaviors, such as :

  • Collisions 
  • Sharp Turns 
  • Harsh Barking 
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Lane Departure
  • Quick Acceleration 
  • Proximity Warnings
ADAS driver assistance
real time driver monitoring and alerts on mobile

Platform Based

Get instant notifications and real-time GPS locations of your drivers through our user-friendly mobile app on your tablet or mobile device.

Locate Vehicles & Assets On The Go

Find the location of your vehicles quickly using Gentrifi’s mobile app. With Last Known Reporting, users can view the updated vehicle and asset locations in real-time.

The AP1 is designed to assist rather than annoy your drivers, leading to higher job satisfaction and driver retention.

1080p video recording capabilities and evidence reduces accident, litigation, and insurance-related costs.

With the help of ADAS audio notifications alert drivers of unsafe driving behaviors such as lane departure, collision, and proximity warnings, in real time.