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Know how your drivers behave.

The Dual Critical Event Video (CEV) camera provides you with timely insight into driver behavior and accurate reports on events and incidents. This powerful Omnitracs dash camera integrates seamlessly with other Omnitracs products.

Access Recordings

At the click of a button, you will gain access to footage of all critical events.

Increase Visibility

Gain insight into driver behavior and critical events.

Easy Installation

With easy peel-n-stick installation, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Access Video Recordings

Boost fleet management with continuous recording from a forward-facing camera. You will gain access to on-demand footage from before, during, and after an incident.

Compile video sequences from video clips for accurate visual timelines. Easily request prequel and sequel video recordings to create an accurate timeline.

View Critical Event Reports

Maximize insight into driver behavior with Critical Event Reporting. With a user friendly interface, you will have know the driver, trigger, vehicle, time, and location all from one page.

You can easily view the video recording for a triggered event by clicking on the play button.

Key Features

Dual Camera

The CEV camera comes with a road facing and driver facing camera.

Track Critical Events

Gain better visibility into your fleet with Critical Event reporting.

Instant Video Access

Easily request and download critical event video at any time.


The road facing camera continuously records. 

Records Background Audio

A built-in microphone enables audio recording. 

Customize Critical Event Triggers

Decide what types of events you want recorded.

Customizable Events

Adjust the Dual Critical Event Video (CEV) Camera to fit your needs with customizable alerts, triggers, recording lengths, and cloud storage options. 

Enable audio on cameras

Select what triggers an automated event
Choose the duration of your video clips
Change frame rate of the video clips
Option to only request the video that is needed
Adjust the resolution of the video