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Improve Driver Safety with SmartDrive’s Safety Camera

Improve driver safety by providing your drivers with the tools necessary to make smart driving decisions. With critical insight into risky driving behavior, your drivers will understand how they can improve their driving performance.  

Safe Driving

Productive coaching and video review helps drivers understand their risky driving behavior

Provides Easy Coaching

A three step coaching process and mobile app helps fleet managers coach their drivers

Empowers & Supports Drivers

With helpful coaching sessions and on-demand video recordings, drivers will feel safer on the road

“I love SmartDrive. It protects me. When I had a near-collision incident with a car on the highway, the camera showed it was the other guy’s fault. If I hadn’t had SmartDrive and hit him, I would have lost my job… and my livelihood as a driver. My feeling is that if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you aren’t, then you shouldn’t be behind the wheel.”

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Benefits for Drivers

Tablet Training

Drivers can access coaching modules on their own mobile device with SmartDrive’s App

Privacy Mode

When the driver turns on privacy mode, the in-cab driver facing camera will turn off until the next ignition cycle


On-demand access to collision footage allows drivers to prove they aren’t the cause of an accident

Provides Warning Signals

Drivers receive a visual warning with the Active Safety system – Forward Collision, Lane Departure, Short Following, and Speeding Warnings

Incentivize Safe

Fleet managers can create incentive programs to reward their drivers for safe driving

Proves Arrival to a Location

Drivers can manually record videos to prove the were at a location

Proof of Arrival

Our Video-Based Safety Camera has a manual video feature to help protect drivers. The green button on the top of the in-cab keypad, as seen to the right, allows drivers to manually take video.

If a driver arrives to a location and the customer is not there, the driver can press the manual video button to prove they were at the site on time. Help protect your drivers from taking the blame for situations they don’t cause.

SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Camera's keypad
SmartDrive Driver Mobile App

Driver Mobile App

Drivers can view their Safety Score, 12-week driver performance trend, risky observations, event details, and video recordings from their own mobile device.

By providing visibility into their performance, drivers become engaged with their level of safety and take ownership for their individual safety improvement.

Exonerate Drivers


Exonerate your drivers and save money with our Video-Based Safety Camera.

This advanced safety camera automatically records all risky events. Audio, location, speed and comprehensive vehicle data provides critical context to the event.

With on-demand videos, you can review collision footage within a matter of minutes. You will know who actually caused the accident with video proof.

Driver Feedback Device SmartDrive

Provides Driver Feedback

Maximize driver safety with an ADAS system. The Driver Feedback Device provides visual and audible warnings to drivers through a display mounted on the dash. Drivers will be aware of risky driving and surrounding hazards with ease.

“When I initially heard about cameras, it was like you walked up and punched me right in the nose! I’ve driven for most of my life and now you’re going to tell me how to drive? But, I can now say—with pride and honesty—it’s made me a better driver. I’ve never let anything beat me in my life, so this became a challenge for me. As a result, I’m now more aware, have increased my following distance and am less aggressive on the road…

The safer I am, the larger bonus I can receive. It’s not something that Oakley is giving me; it’s something I’ve earned. And, as a result of my being safer, everybody wins. It’s a public win. It’s a company win. And it’s a personal win.”

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