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Enhance Fleet Safety with SmartDrive’s Safety Camera

As experts on the impact of reducing risk through coaching and the resulting improvement of a fleet’s safety metrics, SmartDrive provides insights on how to put the power of coaching to use in your fleet. As a result, you can begin to save lives, save jobs and save money.

Omnitracs SmartDrive online application for the Video-Based Safety Dash Camera

“When a driver is in a collision, there’s no better way to know exactly what happened than with video evidence.”

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50% Reduction in Collision Frequency

70% Reduction in Collision Costs

66% Reduction in Driver Distractions

How the Safety Camera Works

SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Camera Process
SmartDrive Coaching Session for the Video-Based Safety Camera

Effortless Coaching

With a simple three step process, you can quickly and efficiently coach your drivers.

  1. Identify the risky driver behavior detected
  2. Review the videos coordinating with each event
  3. Add notes about the session outcome and next steps

This process provides you with the tools necessary to have effective, meaningful conversations about the importance of safe driving.

Powerful Dashboards

When risky driving behavior is detected, you’ll be empowered to have a productive coaching session. With instant access to the video recording, your driver will have a better understanding of what they can correct in the future.

When a collision occurs, a SmartDrive team member will review the footage and send it to you for review. This gives you the power to exonerate drivers quickly, preventing a costly claim against the transportation.

Insightful Driver Trends

Get instant visibility into driver behavior with driver trends, skills, and benchmarking. You can analyze how your driver is performing with ease by viewing the powerful dashboards and metrics SmartDrive provides.

Identify Risky Drivers

Know which drivers need to be coached with SmartDrive’s intelligent platform.

A fully customizable scoring system creates a ranking of drivers based on their risky driving behavior. This user friendly system makes it easy for you to understand which drivers need to be coached based on the parameters you set.

Driver Risk Indicator on SmartDrives fleet safety application

Coaching Tools

Managed Service Program

Provides the information necessary for the prescribed coaching workflow, which ensures continual improvement and bottom-line result

Response Center

The Response Center provides the information that helps coaches focus on the right drivers and the right skills

Coaching Workflow

A simple 3 step process proves a user-friendly, effective coaching process

Mobile App

A Driver Mobile App allows remote self-coaching to ensure

SmartDrive Driver Mobile App

Driver Mobile App

Drivers can view their Safety Score, 12-week driver performance trend, observations, event details, and video recordings from their mobile device.

By providing visibility into their performance, drivers become engaged with their level of safety and take ownership for their individual safety improvement.