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SmartDrive Protect

SmartDrive Protect is a video-based solution that goes beyond a camera. Engineered specifically for small fleets, this fleet camera system is equipped with the most advanced technology, without the huge price tag.  Through the online portal you can access video feed, live tracking on your vehicles, and insight on any incidents that may occur. The camera is also built with AI technology to help reduce and monitor any dangerous driver behavior. 

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Optional Driver Facing Camera - SmartDrive Protecti

Driver-Facing Camera

The Protect’s driver-facing camera is complete with AI to monitor driver behavior. If your driver is doing anything dangerous on the road, the AI system will send you and the driver a notification. This is a great feature to make sure that your fleet is adhering to all policies and keeping your assets safe. 

Review Vehicle Reports

Review different metrics for your vehicles under the report tab, which displays your assets, average milages, accident reports and more. Use these metrics to establish areas of improvement. 

Live GPS Tracking

Locate your vehicles in real-time under the live view tab. Click on the truck icon to quick view specific information to each truck. 

Continuous Video Recording

Plug-And-Play Into Any Vehicle

Real-Time Drive Feedback

Self-Service For Easy Install & Operation

AI Driver Monitoring

Simple User-Friendly Design

Protect Your Company From

Insurance Fraud

Exaggerated Claims

Conflicting Reports of Events

Staged Accidents

False Claims

Driver Accusations