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G Cam 6 Dash Camera

The G Cam 6 is a compact touch-screen SD card dash cam for fleets and vehicles. Perfect for owner operators, the 2-Channel Dash Cam provides a forward and driver-facing camera giving you complete visibility into your fleet. The G Cam 6 is easy to use and install, requiring no downtime upon purchase. With no monthly fees, this dash camera is a great solution to help protect your business! 


Touch Screen

Adjust settings and all camera functions via large icons. Review footage on the hyper-responsive 3.5-inch touch LCD.

Event Footage

The triggered event footage will provide you with all the evidence you need when an incident occurs.

Parking Mode

Parking mode gives you the extra protection and assurance even when the ignition is off and the driver might be away.

Memory Recovery

Never lose footage with automatic memory recovery

Ultra Night Vision

Low light doesn’t hinder the ability to get great HD video. A bump in brightness allows you to get quality video at any time.

iOS/Android App

Get close enough to the device to view footage without having to remove the SD card.