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Hours of Service (HOS) System Compliance

Hours Of Service systems, that work, and are easy-to-use are important to drivers. Tickets are being issued to drivers with no ELD installed in the truck. With the roadside blitz behind us and operation safe drivers coming up, having an ELD to fully comply with the hours of service mandate is required to operate.

Drivers and Operators/Dispatchers want many features that will allow them to navigate through the FMCSA hours of service mandate. Below are a few of the application features that any successful transportation company needs.

Data Backup

Records are required 48 months back for audits in certain cases. The Omnitracs Hours Of Service backs up both IFTA and data for 6 months and 12 months. You can easily export, and print out the information to file away.

Duty Status Changes

After arriving at a location and changing duty status remarks can be Added to the Omnitracs system to allow for easy pre-filled remark option when dropping or picking up a load, or any other event that would require a duty-status change.


The ability to check available duty time, drive time, on-duty time, duty records for prior 8 days, certify log days, fax/email log information, edit log, personal convenience, or yard-move is a must for all drivers.

Recording logs on the Omnitracs ELD devices is intuitive and easy to use. The next-gen feature packed Omnitracs electronic logs makes the driver transition from paper logs or other feature lacking solutions on the market an easy and smooth transition.

Check Out These Helpful Videos On HOS!

HOS Purpose

The FMCSA has developed the HOS rule based on the latest sleep science, they also sought input from all sectors including small business owners, safety advocates, and trucking company’s. Implementation of Hours of Service will keep our highways safer and make transportation more efficient.

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